J. Cole - I'm The Man

Posted on May 28, 2024 by J. Cole

J. Cole - I'm The Man Mp3 Download — Very well regarded and Gifted superstar, comes out shining with a design new solitary titled “I'm The Man“. The observe is readily readily available on all streaming platforms. It is no doubt that the music is a unbelievably addictive jam, update your playlist with I'm The Man Song and delight in.

The new single “I'm The Man” by J. Cole, the West sensation, is readily available now!

Download I'm The Man - J. Cole Mp3

The new solitary “J. Cole - I'm The Man” is an remarkable song dedicated to the enthusiasts and lovers of the audio. It is a pleasurable cruise observe for your leisure and listening satisfaction.

This sensational hit observe received it’s external assist from a various remarkable singers and songwriters.

The delightful new observe “J. Cole - I'm The Man” is a observe-up to his new smash observe and is an fantastic music that you wouldn’t want to miss at all.

This remarkable vibe will surely get you entangled in no time at all.

Meanwhile, the fantastic new melody is an fantastic observe that will surely be worthy of a position on your playlist if you are a lover of excellent audio.

Song Information

Name: I'm The Man
Category: West
Artist: J. Cole
Album: The Come Up
Release Year: 2007
Duration: 2:58
Size: 4.07 MB
Source: YouTube

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The track "I'm The Man" is a loveable track that was very well published and composed. The I'm The Man by J. Cole is an brilliant track that you won't be able to afford to miss.

On top of that, the outstanding solitary capabilities Award-successful audio star, J. Cole who sent an awesome verse.

In conclusion, the track "I'm The Man" was generated by gifted audio producer, J. Cole.

Listed here is an historical track titled I'm The Man. Due to the fact its last drop the track has large downloads. Update lovers converse about this track like it was yesterday it was dropped.

Additional persons have been downloading this track at substantial. When J. Cole - I'm The Man song plays, persons are inclined to dance at substantial. Persons willingly download this hit track. Believe that me this track will swap that favourite in you product. J. Cole - I'm The Man is a banger download it now.

The well known and persuasive observe “I'm The Man” was place together by J. Cole, and about time has develop into fans’ beloved and is generally on their lips with fascinating dance moves.

He delivers in J. Cole who lend their voice and creativeness to supply an intriguing masterpiece.

J. Cole - I'm The Man Lyric

Nigga had the nerve to fucking tell me niggas from The South can't spit?
Bitch I'll smack your dumb ass
(Fayettenam what up? Carolina what up?)
You wanna call this joint right now? I'm the man (New York, what up? Queens)
(I'm here, talkin' all that shit) drop the whole 86 now
I told y'all niggas that I'm getting my bread and going home
I'ma show you all stupid ass motherfuckers (coming soon, nigga)
Dumb ass niggas

The heir to the throne
South nigga bred to the bone
But haters say he fled from his home (please)
Now picture that, I was 18 with million dollar dreams (yeah)
Moved to Jamaica Queens, like Prince Akeem
But ain't looking for no queen, (nah)
Came to get my cream (yup)
City on my back, I just lift my wings, I'm fly
You niggas on my dick, why lie?
Thought them niggas from the south couldn't spit, voilà

I'm here, humble out of respect, not fear
So please be clear, nigga please beware
I'm a motherfucking monster, B.S. me? (Nah)
No, my hand game like fucking PSP
Now pop the champagne, money is coming soon
My dick do the damn thing, honey it's cumming soon
She jerking, bend her over, now she hurting
Living reckless got me thinking of death, look how she flirting

Well, fuck that bitch, man a nigga tryna breathe (yeah)
Some of these niggas be tryna dick her down and leave
Rest in peace, y'all boys living too fast
Caught up in the cash, and got shot up in a flash
Real niggas don't play
When it comes to that money, think real niggas won't spray?
Mid-day when it's sunny, they kill niggas broad day
On some old new jack shit
This rap shit is like tag nigga you not it, so run

Ha ha ah
I'm the man, ha ha ha, yeah, hey
I'm the man
I'm the man, (I told y'all niggas)
I'm the man
Yeah, uh

They say I act like I'm the man, 'cause motherfucker I am
Niggas study my style, I should be giving exams
Damn boy I'm so flamboyant with the ensemble
Polo jacket, polo tee, what a fine combo
And I'm the man, now understand a nigga bossin' (yeah)
Scheming on that drop top CL but it's costing (yeah)
Long term plans for the fam, we'll be golfing
Never catch a nigga double-crossing, unless I'm flossing (woo)

In the streets niggas peaceful until you force 'em
To quarter back them bullet passes, you could Randy Moss 'em
Goddamn you niggas got handled
Niggas only publishing, my style got sampled
So I switched like a thick bitch with some heels on
I seen a nigga get popped, I feel for 'em
I know who did it, but you think I'm finna squeal on him?
Shout out to R.J. Hill I would kill for him

That's word, nigga observe my genius
E&J sipping got a nigga straight leaning
My DNA dripping while your girl stay drinking (haha)
I told y'all I'm the man, what the fuck y'all niggas thinking?

Yeah, I'm the man (shout out to fat Dan down on ATL, nigga)
I'm the man nigga
I'm the man
I'm the man nigga (I know who go out of Chicago)
Yeah (I see you) yo

First and foremost, Fayettenam what's good?
Carolina, what up? Bull city, Raleigh, Charlotte, Salem
Greensboro, Wilmington, nigga
Everywhere dog, you know, I'm reppin' from long distance, man
I told y'all boy, I'm 'bout to get this money and come home right quick

Y'all niggas still see me though, you think I'm still there; you ain't even know I'm gone
Back so much, nigga
I hear you all little niggas talking, nigga
Prince of the city, nigga
Prince of the south, nigga, holla at me
Ya know? Heir to the throne, bitch

Final Words

This track has by now started off building big craze. The track has beneficial language which suitable for all age. I'm The Man - J. Cole is pursuing to remain suitable in the playlist of audio enthusiasts. The artist place in more exertion on this track. Lovers are widely energized with this new rhythm.

Don’t wait around for another person to play it for you. Know this track by on your own. Don’t permit it move your ears. Download it on Fakaza today!

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