K.O - STAPURA (feat. Sjava)

Posted on May 28, 2024 by K.O

K.O - STAPURA (feat. Sjava) Mp3 Download — Nicely-preferred and Gifted movie star, comes out shining with a company new solitary titled “STAPURA (feat. Sjava)“. The keep track of is available on all streaming platforms. It is no query that the song is a very addictive jam, update your playlist with STAPURA (feat. Sjava) Song and value.

The new single “STAPURA (feat. Sjava)” by K.O, the South African emotion, is accessible now!

Download STAPURA (feat. Sjava) - K.O Mp3

The new solitary “K.O - STAPURA (feat. Sjava)” is an incredible song concentrated to the followers and fans of the new new music. It is a great cruise keep track of for your peace and listening satisfaction.

This sensational strike keep track of received it is exterior assist from a few of noteworthy singers and songwriters.

The enjoyable new keep track of “K.O - STAPURA (feat. Sjava)” is a adhere to-up to his present smash keep track of and is an incredible music that you would not want to miss at all.

This incredible vibe will surely get you entangled in no time at all.

In the meantime, the great new melody is an incredible keep track of that will surely be truly really worth a place on your playlist if you are a lover of fantastic new new music.

Song Information

Name: STAPURA (feat. Sjava)
Category: South African
Artist: K.O
Album: SR3
Release Year: 2022
Duration: 3:27
Size: 4.74 MB
Source: YouTube

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The track "STAPURA (feat. Sjava)" is a loveable track that was nicely created and composed. The STAPURA (feat. Sjava) by K.O is an amazing track that you cannot afford to miss.

Moreover, the extraordinary solitary attributes Award-successful new music star, K.O who sent an incredible verse.

In summary, the track "STAPURA (feat. Sjava)" was created by gifted new music producer, K.O.

In this article is an historic track titled STAPURA (feat. Sjava). Because its last fall the track has huge downloads. Update followers speak about this track like it was yesterday it was dropped.

Much more individuals have been downloading this track at big. Anytime K.O - STAPURA (feat. Sjava) song performs, individuals are likely to dance at big. Individuals willingly download this strike track. Think me this track will change that favorite in you gadget. K.O - STAPURA (feat. Sjava) is a banger download it now.

The well-liked and persuasive keep track of “STAPURA (feat. Sjava)” was place together by K.O, and more than time has turn out to be fans’ preferred and is usually on their lips with fascinating dance moves.

He delivers in K.O who lend their voice and creativeness to produce an intriguing masterpiece.

K.O - STAPURA (feat. Sjava) Lyric

(Phapham' ulaleleni)
Money money money my dali (Jou donor)

For the money money
Money money, Money money my dali (Stapura)
For imali mali
Mali mali, Mali mali my dali (Stack)
I would do anything
I would do anything imali mayikhona.(Money)
Cause I live for the money money money my dali
Chelete (Wayase, Wayase)

Awu, Fuck 'em, They all beneath me
Phum' ubatshele bonke I'm knee deep kulomculo
Makaveli, The Don in these streets
Niggas really be all in these tweets and they talkin' greasy
Ak'sizi ulokh' uz'biza nge authority ulib' uqhoma ngoNota
Akekho ok'cel' iopinion mdidi

Fuck shit, Look
Look mama, I'm on the TV
Stapura, Stapura van toeka
From kushubile above the city
Pull up in that whatchamacall, It's easy
For y'all to see me, Makoya's been me
Emalokishini with all of these streams
I know they jammin' my catalog on repeat

Big body coming through
Kleva susa leskorokoro, Peep peep
I'm showin' off all the VVs, Jonga icici.
Uzobona ubuhle bendoda kimi
Dealer ngale livestock la eNorth
Ingane isanok' deliver inkomo kini
Bengi rhuzuka lonk' iviki
Umogodu wamanqina, Nenhlok', Is'bindi emarenkeni

Tonight we finna ball
Iintsayiza super soft
Soshay' ijika ema mall, Siswipe'e imini yonke
We buy Fendi galore le daai Christian Dior
Ngestayela uthini oNqoh, The life were livin' for
Uthi why siphila so, When I was living poor
Kwabuya iphupho lami to buy a vehicle
Ejikisa amakhanda mang'vaya eWilliam Nicol
Let's get it

For the money money
Money money, Money money my dali (Stapura)
For imali mali
Mali mali, Mali mali my dali (Stack)
I would do anything
I would do anything imali mayikhona (Run it)
Cause I live for the money money money my dali, Chelete

Ezam ayikhuzeki mesey'fun' uMandela (Eh)
Intsimbi igcwel' umlomo, Grill ka Maglera
Queue e B80, Don't know no better (Amaqanda)
Put you to sleep, Fade amaXan
Lapho sidl' uGodly chef ne cardigan
K'shut benyeke uthole, Neze one ku mannequin
Fresh out the water, I'm flyer than a pelican
Shisa ebalcony, She had me tolerant

S'khathi samapopaai sesiphelile, Animeni (Woah)
Animeni (Woah)
Lokho niyafudumeza, Nis'phakel olalile (Aye)
Lalile (Aye)
Ngeke ng'sab' ibhari eshaya ngejean ye Samsung
Zonke onodoli, The same song, The same sound
UJack Rule
Yinkabi enqum' inkabi, Gcwala la

For the money money
Money money, Money money my dali (Stapura)
For imali mali
Mali mali, Mali mali my dali (Stack)
I would do anything
I would do anything imali mayikhona (Run it)
Cause I live for the money money money my dali

(Phapham' ulaleleni)
(Asambe uhlaleleni)
(La phandle imali iningi)
(Mali ining', Mali ining', Mali ining' Yeah)


This track has currently began creating massive development. The track has good language which suitable for all age. STAPURA (feat. Sjava) - K.O is pursuing to remain related in the playlist of new music enthusiasts. The artist place in additional work on this track. Followers are widely thrilled with this new rhythm.

Don’t wait around for somebody to play it for you. Know this track by your self. Don’t enable it move your ears. Download it on Fakaza today!

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